• Nadria Taylor

13x4 Blunt Cut Yaki Straight Wig | Ronnie Hair

Okay, y'all need to wake up and stop sleeping on yaki textured hair. This yaki wig is super soft and bouncy and feels like my own hair-- just thicker and fuller... and a tad bit longer...okay, maybe a lot longer. I purchased this 14 inch, 13x4 yaki straight wig from @ronniehair (www.ronniehair.com). It's absolutely beautiful. I'm so amazed at how natural it looks. With regular Brazilian hair, I always find the hair to be too flat, for me. I tried increasing the density and it still gave flat. This hair gives so much controllable volume, just what I was looking for. So, if you're looking for a wig that gives volume, try the yaki texture and Ronnie Hair provides beautiful, quality wigs. I did not customize this wig. I only added foundation and curled the hair.

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