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A Blue Natural Makeup Look | NEW NYX 10-in-1 Marsh Mellow Primer

Natural looks don’t always have to look so natural. You can still achieve a natural look with pop of colors. Remember to keep everything at a flow. For eyes, I used different shades of blue to create a natural flow making sure each shade blended in with the previous shade. I went from dark to lighter shades of blue then added a shimmer shade with blue hues. I finished off the eye look with a white liner on my bottom lash line to compliment the shimmer blue shade I used and draw attention to the eyeshadow look.

Now, let me tell you’ll how I achieved a beautiful, natural face beat to go with my eyeshadow look.


I recently purchased The Marsh Mellow Primer by NYX Cosmetics. When I tell you I love this primer…I love it! I still absolutely adore my MILK Hydro Grip Primer, but the NYX Marsh Mellow Primer… it’s up there…a good one for real.

This 10-in-1 vegan formula primer creates a smooth canvas for makeup applications. It’s infused with-smoothing marshmallow root extract to extend the longevity of makeup and help relieve skin irritation. The Marsh Mellow Primer has a soft whipped texture that instantly dries down transparent on all skin complexions. The smell is so soft and marshmellowy.

10 Makeup- Extending Benefits

  1. 16 Hr wear

  2. Smooth

  3. Soften

  4. Hydrates

  5. Evens tones

  6. Minimizes Texture

  7. Blurs Lines

  8. Adds a soft-focus finish

  9. Keeps makeup fresh

  10. Sooths The Marsh Mellow primer blurred out all my imperfections while leaving my skin smooth and hydrated. My makeup gripped so well to the primer and my application looked so natural. I definitely recommend this primer. It’s a good drugstore primer that is a great dupe for a high-end primer. It retails for $17 dollars and can be found at your local ULTA or online at NYX Cosmetics.

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