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Achieve A Makeup Look That Will Last All Day | Maybelline Super Stay Active Wear 30H Foundation

Let’s jump right to it…

Having a good base is the key to having your makeup last all day. Once your base is set, everything else will be good. This means your eyelids, lips, and entire face base has to be set properly before going in with any makeup products.

For your eyelids, make sure you use a good eye base that will not crease or move around once you apply your eyeshadow. I love using the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer as my eye base. This concealer doesn’t cause any creasing and my eyeshadow looks to adhere to the concealer beautifully.

For lips, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and smooth before going in with any lip products. A good tip is to use matte products to have a lasting lip look.

Now for the entire face, cleanse the face to remove any excess oils. After cleansing, apply your toner, any serum, and a moisturizer/ sunscreen. Then, go in with a primer that will solve any issues you may experience while wearing makeup. For example, if you have lots of shine and oil after applications, use a mattifying primer— dryness, use a hydrating primer.

And the most important is using a foundation that will be your ride or die— a foundation that will last all day.

Recently, I came across the Maybelline Super Stay Active Wear 30H Long-Lasting Foundation (Cocoa). I don’t know if I missed out or not but, when did this foundation come out?. I never heard of it until I was browsing beautybay.com. From the looks of it, I believe it came out a while ago and only made a debut in the UK. I was so excited to try this foundation out.

The Maybelline 30H Active Wear Foundation indeed held up all day. It has the same consistency as the Maybelline 24H Full Coverage Foundation (Coconut). The downside to this foundation is it doesn’t have many shades to choose from. I went with the shade Cocoa which is a little too dark for me, but I didn’t mind because I can easily work with a darker shade than a lighter one and darker looks good in pictures.

The 30H foundation is oil-free and is long-lasting, lightweight, and breathable. I felt like I had nothing on my face and with this foundation, a little goes a long way. The foundation also claims to be transfer-, water-, and sweat-resistant. I didn’t get much transfer and having a toddler makes you feel like you are running marathons, so with that being said, my foundation held up through the day with my toddler. Lastly, the foundation has a matte-natural finish. I love the end result. My face looked so natural, yet snatched.

I purchased it from www.beautybay.com and it retails for $12.25.

Overall, the Maybelline 30H Active Wear Long-Lasing Foundation is similar to the 24H one. It was a good foundation to try out and is one to add to my makeup collection. So if you don’t get your hands on it, don’t worry, your really not missing much. It holds up like the Maybelline 24H Full coverage foundation.

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