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Let Me Put You On Real Quick: Amazon Affordable Synthetic Headband Wig

I've been hearing about headband wigs for so long now. When I first heard about it, I was not interested. Then, I started to see so many women wearing it all across social media and they looked absolutely stunning in their headband wigs. And then, what really sold me is my sister bought her a headband wig from Amazon and it looked so bomb. Next thing I knew, I was blowing up her phone the next morning asking for the link to the headband wig she purchased. Now, we're here-- it arrived and now she's on.

I decided to take baby steps and purchase a synthetic headband wig rather than a human hair one just in case I didn't like headband situation.

I purchased this synthetic head band wig from Amazon for only $29.89. Very affordable!

It has natural-looking waves and it's 22 inches long.

The hair is true to length, full, and soft.

It came with 3 headbands that you can alternate between.

*Drumroll please*

I'm super, super impressed with the quality. It looks like real human hair. After putting on the headband wig, I kind of wish I would have gone with the real thing because the whole headband concept is lit and I would have worn the heck out of it. It's so cute and chic! This headband wig is just a little too flat for me, which is to be expected with synthetic hair. I decided to wear the hair in a half up- half down style to give a voluminous look. This headband wig is easy to work with and manage. I had no issues installing the wig. It comes with four combs-- three in the front and one in the back. ( Secured!) It does sheds and tangles, but, again, it's synthetic hair and that is to be expected. I really like the length but would have loved for it to be shorter. Other than that, no complaints.

All in all, this synthetic headband wig is a hit and if you were thinking about purchasing it or all of sudden thinking about purchasing it, do it -- you won't regret it. Just keep in mind, it's synthetic, so expect some tangling and shedding and all the jazz that goes with synthetic hair.

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