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Best 5x5 HD Lace Wig | Beauty Forever

Nothing or no one could convince me to wear anything less than a 13x4 or 13x6 lace closure wig. Tell recently, I started seeing lots of 5x5 lace closure wig styles, and girl, I've been digging it. First off, the thought of a 5x5 wig sounded so intriguing because it will not be harsh on the hairline, less work, and wouldn't have to worry about the sides lifting when I smile. But anyway, I gave in and purchase a 5x5 HD Lace Wig from BeautyForever.com-- Body Wave Human Hair, 20 inches, and 200 density.

Shipping was super fast, I received the wig in less than a week. The wig is so beautiful and well put together, especially the sides. I thought it was just going to be showing the hair tracks, but it didn't. The wig was made to blend in perfectly with your hairline.

I did bleach the knots and plucked the hairline to give a more natural feel. It was all an ease. It came out so good. I applied the wig and I was blown away. The lace melts into the skin perfectly. This 5x5 HD lace wig is everything and did I tell you my sides felt amazing without any strain on it. I used the GOT 2B Glued Striking Glue. The hair is so soft and styles so beautifully. You can tell good hair when the hair is super soft when washing it-- that's when you can tell the hair's true potential.

Tip: When you wash some wigs that aren't good,

the hair is dried the whole time while washing it, it feels like the hair is stripped.

I can't stress how stunning this wig is. If you guys are looking for a wig that will be easy on your hairline, looks realistic, and is easy to install, this is your wig.

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