• Nadria Taylor

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream Review

When I say it's giving, it's giving! The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream is a moisturizer you do not want to skip over. This 72-hour deep hydration, rose-scented moisturizer leaves your skin soft, supple, and dewy. It's a little on the thicker side (yes, she's a little thick), but when you apply it... girl... it melts into the skin like butter on a hot bun and I really, really love that. It doesn't give you a greasy look at all. Instead, it gives you a true hydrated look and leaves your skin looking plumped and healthy. When I applied the face cream on my face, all I kept saying was "wow"--- "...wow, wow, wow, wow... This face cream is now a part of my skincare routine. " I'm letting y'all know now when y'all see her, y'all see me...when y'all see me, y'all see her, period..."-- we're besties now and I don't play about my bestie.

Retail Price: $45.00

Did you know you can now purchase Fresh

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in stores starting June 27, 2021.

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