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'Hot Girl' Summer Makeup Look | 9H Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

Last 2 years, I wasn't able to participate in the 'Hot Girl' summer. This year though... this year right here...bring me all the hotness because …I'm in it this year...(but on a curfew)…like I'm showing up to the 'Hot Girl' summer but, I got to go home a little early... like a little before the sun goes down. But, we just going worry about the time I do spend in 'Hot Girl' summer and the curfew part....ummm... I have to discuss that with my toddler...


Get into this eyeshadow palette. The Morphe 9H Artistry Palette is the only palette you need to have you a real 'Hot Girl' summer-- forreal. Let's first get into the fact that I can't stop using this palette. It has the perfect warm matte and shimmer shades you'll need this summer. You have your red, yellow, orange, pinks, and beauty shimmer shades (pink, gold, and silver). The shades are really pigmented and blends in very well with each other.

I was feeling a little pink and yellow today so, I decided to use the hot pink and yellow from the 9H palette to create the above look-- the shades Electricity and Yellow There. I love how this look came together and I was impressed at how the yellow and hot pink blended right into each other. On my bottom lash line I used the shades Electricity, Hottie Alert (a bright- deep orange), and Yellow There.

Tip: Use a defined, fluffy blending brush to help control shadow, remove harsh lines, and blend out eyeshadow at and around crease. I used the M330 brush. This brush also helps to show eyeshadows' true pigmentation on eyelids.

The Morphe 9H Artistry Palette retails for $12 . It has 9 shades-- 6 mattes and 3 shimmers-- all shades bringing nothing but heat. You'll love this palette and let's acknowledge how this palette is super travelable-- small enough to put it right in your purse.

it's given... a real 'Hot Girl' summer.

Till next post.

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