• Nadria Taylor

How To Find Your Beauty Style

What excites you about beauty? What qualities set you apart? What’s so captivating about you? What works for you? Finding your beauty style is super important when becoming apart of the beauty world because it’s so easy to get lost in it and become overwhelmed with all the styles out there. If you want to know how to find your own beauty style while incorporating everything else into it, keep on reading and be sure to grab a pen and paper because lots of questions will be asked.

Okay, so let’s find your beauty style. All beauty styles should be described in three words. One is your form of beauty, two is what attracts you to beauty, and three is your purpose in the beauty world.


What looks best on you? What looks and styles do you feel most comfortable in? What looks and styles do you rely on or lean on the most? Natural? Edgy? Feminine? Example: I lean more on the natural side. I love natural makeup— looks that make me feel comfortable. When things are natural or are natural to us, it simply means a state we feel comfortable in. So, therefore I love naturalistic looks and the way I look and feel in those looks.


What do you love most about beauty? Do you love the trends? The innovations? The history of beauty? The glitz and glams? For example, I love keeping up with the trends. I love when there are new product launches or when there’s a new way of applying eyeshadow. I love keeping up with what’s going on while sticking to my natural makeup looks— looks I feel comfortable in. Some may love how beauty is evolving or may just love the beauty trends from the ’90s


What pushed you to be here? What drives you or motivates you? Is it helping out others or wanting to inspire others? Is it just for fun? Or is it to express yourself? Mines is to uplift. I want my beauty to push others to love themselves, make them feel comfortable in their beauty, and do whatever makes them feel their best selves. You might want your beauty to express yourself to others or build your confidence.

Find a word that fits you in each step and put it all together.

My beauty style is naturalistic, modish, and uplifting. -Nadria Taylor

What’s your beauty style?

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