• Nadria Taylor

How To Neutralize Hyperpigmentation With Makeup

This topic is brought up a lot. Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to cover. Sometimes, after applying a full face of makeup, we still see the dark spots or the dark areas look ashy/ grayish.

With the right techniques and foundation, we can neutralize and even out hyperpigmentation.

Tip #1 Contouring First

I love to contour first before applying foundation and concealer. Hyperpigmentation is mainly around our check and neck area (and sometimes forehead). Contouring is focused in those areas. So, applying a darker shade (contour shade) will neutralize the dark areas and will cause it to not look ashy/ grayish after applying a full face.

Tip #2 Use A Deeper Foundation Shade

Like contouring first, using a deeper foundation shade, 1 to 2 shades darker, will balance out your complexion and neutralize any hyperpigmentation. Your makeup will blend out so beautifully with this technique.

Tip#3 Color Correct

Color correcting is a great way to neutralize hyperpigmentation and even out your complexion, Be sure to know your color wheel with this technique and know what colors cancel out each other. For example, if you are experience any redness, you can you a green concealer to neutralize the areas your are experiencing redness. For dark brown/black spots, use red/orange shades to neutralize it (hence: your complexion undertone is missing in those dark areas so you need to bring back the undertones)


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