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LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation and Setting Powder | Review

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

LYS Beauty, the first BLACK- OWNED, CLEAN COLORED COSMETICS BRAND to be sold at Sephora. Wait, let's read that again... It's just so amazing to see black businesses flourishing in the beauty industry.

LYS Beauty is an inclusive, confidently clean beauty brand that features luxuriously clean, skin-loving products. They woke the beauty world by diversifying the clean beauty industry, providing ingredients beneficial for all skin complexion, and most importantly, giving women the platform to bring out their most confident selves.

I recently received the products I purchased from LYS Beauty on Sephora's website-- The Triple Fix Serum Foundation (DG6) and the Triple Fix Setting Powder (Ambition). My first impression is... you get so much product for an affordable price. The packaging looks and feels so luxurious for such an affordable price. Let's tap into the foundation first.

LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation

The Triple Fix Serum Foundation retails for $22, super affordable. It is a light to medium coverage foundation and gives a natural, radiant finish. I am in the shade DG6 (dark golden almond)-- dark brown skin with golden undertones. It contains hylauronic Acid (for hydration), ashwagandha (combats stress and signs of aging), and turmeric (brightens. evens, and soothes skin). These skin-loving ingredients reduce pores, imperfection, fine lines, and dark spots while giving you a natural radiance. Come on foundation with the skincare!!!

Okay, so my skin is pretty normal right now.

After applying the foundation, I notice how lightweight the formula felt and how amazing the coverage is. The foundation actually does feel like a serum. It's not dewy, it's more hydrating I used one pump at first. Blended that out then went in with a second pump. I let the second pump dry down on my face before blending it out. I really didn't need the second pump-- I just wanted to see the foundation's full potential.

Tip: To get maximum coverage, let the foundation dry down some before blending it out. Another tip is to spray your brush or sponge with a mattifying spray (I used the Ben Nye Final Seal) before blending it out.

To wrap it up, I really love this foundation. My base looked and felt so good, it's like wearing skincare. And I forgot to mention, pores where? my pores were gone. You know when you place certain foundations on open pores and you can immediatley see the pores show right through... yeah... this foundation didn't do that at all. Instead, it created a smooth face for my foundation application.

LYS Beauty Triple Fix Setting Powder

The Triple Fix Setting Powder is my kind of setting powder-- a non-cakey, ultra- fine translucent powder that blurs the skin and absorbs oils. It retails for $18. So worth it! I went with the shade Ambition- a medium/tan. It is said to be a mattifying powder that results in a natural matte finish. After applying it, I did get a natural finish but, I didn't get a true matte finish. It was more of a satin finish -- mattifying while still giving a luminous, radiant glow. I didn't have to use a setting spray after because it melted into my skin beautifully. It contains niacinamide (to reduce pores and control shine), green tea extract (to soothe and replenish skin), and sodium hyaluronic ( to moisturize and plump fines lines). The Tripe Fix Setting Powder makes my skin look so smooth and it takes away a lot of my under eyes creasing. I would purchase this powder over and over again because it gives just the right undereye brightness, locks my make in all day, and gives a flawless finish.

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