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Matte Is Back | How To Achieve a Matte Finish

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

We love a dewy, radiant skin complexion, but wearing a mask should have, by now, convinced you that it's only right to wear a matte makeup look. There's been some talk about wearing makeup underneath your mask-- the girls can't stand it-- but me, oh yes, I still leave the house with a full face of makeup on underneath my mask. Wearing a mask with makeup on never really bothered me, I was just bothered by the fact that I had to switch to matte makeup looks. Before, matte just wasn't my thing but, I grew to like it-- we not all the way there yet-- and I learned a lot about keeping my makeup tact underneath a mask. So here, are some tips on achieving a matte finish. You'll thank me.

Your Skincare is Fine

Keep your same skincare routine. Make sure you are well hydrated and moisturized in order to prep skin for the products that will be coming its way. We want a matte complexion, not a dry complexion.

Foundation. So, you don't necessarily need a matte foundation.

While matte foundations are great for a matte complexion, you don't necessarily need a matte foundation to achieve a matte look...THANK YOU-- not a big fan of matte foundations. So, what you can do instead is, choose your go-to foundation and spray a mattifying spray on top of your foundation before blending or on your brush before blending out your foundation. My favorite spray to use is the Ben Nye Final Seal-- now that spray will get you all the way matte.

Mattifying Sprays

Correct and Conceal Before Foundation

If you have any blemishes or scars that you normally cover during your makeup application, cover them up with a concealer that's an heir light than your complexion or with a color corrector before applying your foundation. I love using the Born This Way Concealer in the shade Chai to cover up blemishes. Spray mattifying spray on brush or sponge before blending out concealer or corrector.

Skip The Lips

Nothing more to it. Leave the lips bare with a lip liner of your choice.

Mattifying sprays are very good to use because while mattifying, it also gives you a healthy glow.

*Use your setting powder and face powder how you normally use it-- under your eye, on your nose, or to bring everything together.

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