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Simple Valentines Day Makeup Look

Valentines Day is definitely for the girls. On this day, the makeup and cute outfits come out. It's just something about Valentine's Day that brings out the 'i wanna get cute' vibes. And then yall know the men love to rush us and plan dinner reservations real early... like sir, I need time to get ready-- time to look and feel delightful--- captivating.

So, to get us ready on time while still looking like a smackable snack, well treat because it's V- Day, here are some incredible tips on how to create a simple makeup look for Valentine's day.


It's all in the eyes. We want to create a soft eye look that draws attention to the eyes and brings him right on in. Popular shades during Valentine's Day are pinks, browns, reds, purples, and black.

  • Start off with a matte shade and build that into the outer parts of your eyes. Then go in with a shimmer shade closest to the matte shade and work that in the inner parts of your eyes. Don't be afraid to mix two shimmer shades together to create a beautiful soft effect.

  • Another option is using black eyeliner to create a soft wing on your eyelids. Black is just sexy and wearing bare eyes with a black liner will have him dazing into your eyes all night long.

  • The last technique I'll give is using a shimmer shade and lightly tapping it all over your fingertip. This will create a soft effortless look.

I used The Sweet Pinks Eyeshadow Palette by Juvias Place to create my look.


You want to keep the face simple and natural, yet very attentive. So, start off by applying bronzer before foundation. A great and quick way to add dimension to your face. After applying contour, you will easily see how little foundation you will need to fill in the rest of your face. Apply concealer, set face with powder.

Also, You're going to be smiling all night, so don't forget the blush.


Last, but certainly not least, keep the lips soft and kissable.

  • Rely on your lip liner. Use a lip liner for color and add a gloss on top. Throughout the night you will only need your gloss to touch up your lips.

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