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The Best Places To Shop for Affordable Makeup

Are you new to makeup? Or, are you just looking for affordable makeup that will get the job done? I understand how costly it can be building your makeup collection or makeup you need to have a full face.

This blog post will give you the hottest tea on where to shop for affordable makeup. Not will I only give you places to find affordable makeup, but I will give you places to shop for inexpensive high-end makeup products.

Shall we….

Your Local Drugstores

You can always find affordable makeup products at your local drugstores. They carry good brands like Maybelline, NYX, L’Oreal, e.l.f cosmetics, and so much more. You can find good affordable dupes and everything you need for a complete full face of makeup. When I first got into makeup, I lived in the drugstore, I tried so many products that worked and help me with my makeup application skills. As time went on and I knew what I was doing, I dabbed into high-end brands. I one-thousands times recommend you to start off buying makeup drugstores if you are new to the makeup world to help you become familiar with using makeup. The only con is it may be hard to find shades to match your complexion and or skin undertone. But other than that, drugstores are the go-to places for affordable makeup products.

Now, trust me on this…

TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls

These places have inexpensive high-end makeup products. I go to these places a couple of times a month to find high-end products. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are good places to find affordable makeup plus, high-end makeup products. Most of my makeup (and skincare) came from these places. I purchased all my Anastasia Beverly Hill Palettes from these chain stores. Instead of paying the full price from the actual brand website, I found it for half the original price at these stores. The palettes are not fake— it’s the real thing. The only downside to purchasing from these stores is that once it’s gone it’s gone— first come, first serve. Oh! and another one, customers open and test the makeup making its products non-purchasable— unless you don’t mind the extra fingerprints of messiness.

Nordstorm Rack

This is a good one. At, Nordstorm Rack, you will find high-end makeup products for the low. I tried my first Bobbi Brown and Mac makeup products from Nordstorm Rack. You’ll end up paying up to 70% off the original price. What, I love is that you can also purchase online. A con is… the products sell out so fast because you're getting high-end makeup products at an affordable price. Don’t sleep on Nordstorm Rack your guys—high-end for the low low.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Another place to find high-end makeup products. Just like Nordstorm Rack, products sell out so fast.


Kid you not, Amazon has really good off-brand makeup products. You can find good quality eyeshadow and makeup brushes. I purchased a few palettes and lots of brushes from Amazon.


I know you’re like really…stay with me. On Poshmark, you’ll find people selling used and unused makeup products. I don’t recommend purchasing use makeup, especially during these times. But, you’ll definitely find lots of unused high-end and drugstore makeup products that are in their original packaging. I, myself, ended up with two of the same palettes. I used one and end up selling the unused one. Be sure to read descriptions and communicate with the seller to guarantee that products are unused.

Beauty Supply Store

The beauty supply store has lots of affordable quality makeup brands. You can mostly find makeup essentials like concealers, lipstick and lip glosses, lip and eyeliners, mascara, and lashes (yes, they’re essential..well, to me it is). Don’t get discouraged by the different, unheard of brands. Half of the brands in the beauty supply store is way better than top drugstore brands… I’m just saying.

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